Nationally accredited compost

Green waste recycled by people in Rotherham and Sheffield is now being transformed into our Yorganics nationally accredited compost.

The green waste composting facility at Aldwarke in Rotherham has been accredited to the PAS100 quality standard.

Aldwarke received its accreditation following a four-month assessment process which began with green waste being placed in a windrow and being monitored so it reached an optimum temperature of 65 degrees for 14 non-consecutive days.

At the end of this stage, a sample of the compost was sent for independent analysis to ensure it met the British Standards Institution PAS100 standard. This involves using the compost to see if it can grow produce, such as tomatoes.

In addition to testing the quality of the compost, NSF International – the public health and safety company – undertook a site audit to ensure the correct policies and procedures were being carried out.

Stuart Moore, from Yorganics, said: “We are delighted to have achieved the PAS100 accreditation at Aldwarke.

“It follows a very rigorous assessment process, so it’s testament to the staff that all four sites now hold this accreditation.

“We would also like to thank householders in Rotherham and Sheffield for ensuring the green waste they recycle is of the highest quality; this makes our job much easier.

“It takes 11 weeks from the green waste first coming to the site to being able to produce our nationally accredited Yorganics compost, so this is an excellent example of closed loop recycling.

“It means the green waste people put in their bins can effectively be put back in their garden helping to grow flowers and vegetables in just three months.”

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