Village oak tree

Garden waste recycled by householders in North Yorkshire and City of York is helping to breathe new life into a village oak tree which is at least 160 years old.

Tree specialists at North Yorkshire County Council are using the 100% recycled, nationally accredited Yorganics compost to improve the roots of the tree, which is situated outside Kirk Hammerton Primary School, near York.

The compost is produced using the garden waste that people living in North Yorkshire and the City of York put out as part of their kerbside collections.

The compost has been donated free to charge by Yorganics and delivered, also free of charge, by one of the main stockists, Harrogate-based Harper Aggregates.

Four large 600-litre bags of the product have now been used in the area surrounding the tree, which North Yorkshire County Council’s Arboricultural Department believe appears on the 1st edition Ordinance Survey maps from the 1850s.

Trevor Grigg, Assistant Arboricultural Officer, said: “On recent inspections of this tree, we discovered the roots are starting to decay and we were obviously very keen to retain such an important oak.

“One of the things we needed to do was improve the rooting environment so working in partnership with our grounds maintenance team we erected a railing around the tree, removed all weeds and broke up the existing soil.

“We have now been able to add the Yorganics to the soil so it acts a mulch. We are hoping that the added nutrients and resulting worm activity will, over the years, aid the decompaction of the area, provide nitrogen and allow gaseous exchange to encourage new shoot growth on the tree.

“Our ultimate aim is to maintain the tree in a smaller, healthier form as to what it is now which means it can be retained for many years into the future.

“The Yorganics compost is perfect for this job and the fact it is recycled and produced locally makes it even better from an environmental point of view.”

Sam Wright, Yorganics Field Sales Executive, said: “We are delighted to have been able to donate our compost for such an important tree preservation project.

“Yorganics is the only compost produced from the garden waste of people living in North Yorkshire and City of York, so it is apt that it will now be helping to breathe new life into a 160-year-old tree in one of our communities.”

Neil Harper, Director of Harper Aggregates and Harper Bagged Products, said: “As a business based in Harrogate, it’s pleasing to have been able to support a fantastic initiative like this in the district.”

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